Saturday, March 1, 2014


There are some music lovers in south Africa, especially those who don’t speak Xhosa, who think that the name Cama Gwini stands for She Who Died and Arose on the Same Day. They cannot be blamed- After all, one of Cama Gwini’s relatives decided to tell the whole world through online, that the unsmiling singer from the eastern Cape had unexpectedly kicked the bucket.

It took a while before the truth was known; No, she wasn’t exactly dead or even close to death. The worried relative had simply assumed that since she could not get hold of her famous kin, Cama Gwini must have turned into an ancestor overnight needless to say. Some newspapers, radio stations and social media platforms  in Mzansi announced and asserted the “death” of the young and promising South African Star.

By the time the premature mourning had ceased, just about everybody in the Republic knew who Cama Gwini was.  And now the billion rand question: was this publicity stunt? Don’t be silly. such things hardly ever happen in showbiz! To be fair, long before her “untimely death” Cama Gwini was a household name, having exploded onto the local music scene in 2000. Tall, elegant and photogenic- she could have walked into any modelling job without auditioning, but she chose music instead. “I’ discovered the beauty in music and the beauty in voices of African women through the re-birthing process and surely offering lessons. THE RE-BIRTH OF Cama Gwing! In remembrance of her great contribution to music.

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