Monday, July 6, 2015


I believe that Ugandans have the right to expect certain things: like a real democracy, and not one in name only, where institutions work and where their autonomy matters; the right to expect government by reason and rule of law and not government by the whims of individuals.

I believe Ugandans to be right when they demand that their leaders prioritise and spend taxpayers’ money on their essential needs: like job creation and resuscitating our declining healthcare system, as well as on the things that drive Uganda’s economy –such as agriculture and industry; right when they demand leaders who understand that while access to education is important, the quality of our education also matters.

I believe that from these same leaders, Ugandans ought to see accountability, and a visible effort in stamping out vice and corruption in government; to see equitable development being implemented across all communities and, of course, to be sure of their national security.

Every step we take as a country must be one that favours the prospect of Uganda maturing into a strong and modern economy. One not only fit for globalised modernity, but one also tough enough to withstand the vicissitudes of time.

 I believe that if we do this, Uganda can take its place amongst the great nations of this world.

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