Friday, August 28, 2015


                                 PERSONAL LIFE SHARES- MY RAGS LET BEHIND


 Dear Readers,
I'm often inspired by some of Einstein's quotes, especially to the one above because I had spent years comparing myself and my abilities to my peers in the law solicitors industry world. I did OK, in fact I earned a good living (or so I thought at the time) but I knew it wasn't my best, I never felt right.
I always seemed to hit a ceiling then crash and burn or get headhunted just at the right time and then I would start again with a new  company,new career and I went through a two year cycle for almost 6 years - would I never learn?! 
Another Einstein favorite quote which you may have heard

What I didn't consciously realize at the time, but I knew inside, was that I didn't fit in that environment.  I could do the job and I made some good friends, but it wasn't me - there was something else out there I was supposed to be doing. 
Eventually, I crashed and burned with stress. I now realize much of that stress came from the pressure of trying to excel in the wrong environment - I'm a achiever, I'm driven and motivated but trying to force my square peg in to the round hole and my frustration at myself was ultimately too much to sustain. 
Now, understanding the brain and the subconscious the way I do having studied neuropsychology and hypnotherapy, I realize it was my brain's way of forcing me to cease the repetitive behavior and look at other possibilities for a way of living my life and earning money - you see, in law, the money is good and I held a belief that I had to maintain that level of earning and there was no other way I could do it with my skills, so I had to make it work. 
How wrong could I have been, there are so many ways to earn significantly more money than I was in the law industry - I just had to learn how and anyone can do it whatever background your from and regardless of previous training and experience. 

Now I work around my life, I've freed myself from convention and live life on my terms and I've discovered a better, happier me. 
If you are interested in how you can do this too, read my blogs and stay tuned on email and I will share with you what I discovered in my quest for the life I wanted. or Visit my twitter handle:@Emilubchrisb (discover yourself )

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