Saturday, August 9, 2014


Thumbs up for the Nkolabyafayo music icon. He put up a magnificent
performance at his concluded nkolabyafayo concert at Serena hotel which
was attended by multitudes of funs in their different dignitaries. Indeed Bebe
is hailed up as he continues in his struggle to promote Ugandan music in his
famous campaign-"Lets kick-out Jamaican and Nigerian music out of Uganda"
which is purposely to bring Ugandans with talent on board.
Bebe is indeed cool....,he does all stuff in a cool way like the nkolabyafayo
in 2014. He is gone to emirates,his campaign against Jamaican and Nigerian music,
the 3D VIP show at Serena hotel...and lots of more stuff........
HOPING FOR THE BEST FROM HIM......since he is aiming at being a True Ugandan.
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