Saturday, August 23, 2014


 You must be acquitted with the  popular Uganda comedian Idringe Patrick a.k.a
Salvador who started cracking jokes way back while still in school and saw his success
and career in entertaining other people,putting smiles all over their faces.
 He started small but now he  is flying high in the sky like his counter part in the field
of comedy Kansiime Ann.....
 He is now in the advertising and marketing department where he is  earning millions of money  because
of the gift of nature of talent in just a couple of months
 Salvador now does his thing for big properties such as Dstv, Mtn etc after being hired
to carryout adverts that play on television worldwide
 He said ; "They called me and offered me an opportunity about running for them adverts which i greatly
 accepted and allowed to partner with them"
 He is now doing tours all over East Africa and Africa at large as he does his great thing.Salvador adds that
he has just started and as alot in store for his family,fans and friends.He only prays for everlasting life
and says he is happy and enjoying his carrier (.Revolution of commedy)

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