Tuesday, July 7, 2015

MISS TOORO 2015 CROWNED!!!!!!!!!

Miss Tooro 2015: Beauty queens from around the Tooro region gathered in Fort portal  for pageant final.
1ST runners-up: Miss Mutunzo Mitchel
OVERALL QUEEN:Miss  Kajumba Kethen
2ND runners-up;Miss Kusiima Edith

The glamorous group of three angels were unveiled last week in at the (Mountains of the Moon) in the capital of Tooro.
Beauty queens gathered in Fortportal for crowning.The beautiful Queens produced this stunning effect because they were the literal embodiment of the human ideal. When you see a truly beautiful woman in person, you briefly experience a hint of humanity's greatest potential. You essentially receive a concentrated drug hit of life itself. A beautiful woman is life, not in the sense that she is the meaning of life, but that she is the physical embodiment of life, the most utterly pure and concrete form of the abstract notion of what it means to be alive. It's an almost mystical experience in that it feels otherworldly.These beautiful angels, when seen in contrast with the unremarkable appearance of the average queens, seem almost to be heavenly creatures. A beautiful woman can be, literally, intoxicating and so is these three Miss Tooro finalists.

The beautiful ladies are even more captivating because we instinctively understand (even if we do not believe) how fleeting their beauty will be given years ahead,. Women will usually peak in their beauty somewhere between the age of 16-21 depending on the individual, and will maintain that peak for 2-3 years at best. After that the slow decline begins until the wall hits, then it's all over. It's like a slow drip of paint that covers the Mona Lisa, then finally an entire bucket splattered on top. Because we have foreknowledge of their inevitability and impending decay, experiencing a beautiful Queen in her prime is thus almost like cheating death, and is nearly as exhilarating.

It should be noted that what I'm talking about cannot be achieved by looking at a Photoshopped picture of any random hot girl, or watching an erotica style photo. When I talk about experiencing a beautiful woman, it has to be in person, and it has to be with a young woman whose personality matches her appearance. She must still possess a certain naivety of the world. She must be carefree in a way that is impossible for a man to understand. She must feel as if her beauty will never fade. Only then, in that brief window, does she shine beyond all else. Only then does she truly express something that cannot be experienced in any other way. The combination of flawless beauty and youthful insouciance: a taste of immortality, if only for a moment.
So the new glamorous beauty queens in the region have a bright future after a breakthrough in the sector of Tourism.Lets hope the journey for them to get great does not end here but shines brighter.

Courtesy of Uganda-Times


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